The PequeMotos ® are charged and ready to go. Are you and your little ones?

The fun does not have an age limit. 2 to 86 can hop on and enjoy
the thrill of maneuvering your own animal, dragon, moto, or Tío. 

Fundraising is the origin of the PequeMotos® concept. 


Are you part of an AFA or AMPA? Are you an organization looking for new ways to create funds? We have created a service model where the AMPA/AFA or organization keeps 20% of what is generated at an event. (The AMPA/ AFA or organization makes 20 euro per 100 euros generated.)

As a social venture, we want to make sure "business" is not just about making money. We believe that it´s also about giving back to the community. 

Call us for details and booking your event!
Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties!
The PequeMotos® are ready to roll. The standard package is 5 PequeMotos for 2 hours. We will customize the Pequemotos® to your theme or request. Our Contact information is below. Call us!
Festa Major! 

Where are the fireworks?

The PequeMotos® are ready to play a role in the kid´s entertainment for a Festa Major. Need us to be in the parade? Remember we are going to donate 40 euros to a local school or AMPA. Our contact information is below. Call us to book your Festa Major dates!


In addition to kid´s entertainment PequeMotos®, can be used as a great marketing machine. Literally! We can customize the machines to reflect your promotion or theme.  

Just for Fun?

PequeMotos® Can also be hired out to be part of a parade, weddings, carnivals, communion parties, and the list goes on. Call us to discuss the possibilities.
  1. Managing Director
Safety is a top priority for PequeMotos®. As the name suggests, PequeMotos® is about small motos for the little ones. So the rides we offer can be ridden with or without parental guidance depending on the rider's age.

ALL riders under the age of 4 must be accompanied by an adult. 

We retain all rights concerning decisions on safety and operation.
Mission /
​About Us
​​About Us
PequeMotos® mission is multifold. It is our goal to bring entertainment excitement and fun to all ages. We offer a cutting-edge business model that gives back and creates a financial commitment to education.
Pequemotos® has a CEO that has strong a belief that commerce is great, but commerce and "giving back" is best. We are dedicated to a business model that´s a win-win.
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